November 2020

It’s obviously a long time since I’ve updated this! Lots has happened, including the commissioning of my first book – Composing Audiovisually – due for publication by Routledge in 2021. This is the first project undertaken under the auspices of Porthia Press, the publishing and consultancy component of my work.


June 2018

Absolutely delighted to announce that I’ve been commissioned by Cryptic  as part of Sonica 2018 and the Mackintosh 150 year celebrations to create a bespoke audiovisual installation for the Mackintosh Tower at The Lighthouse . More details to follow.


April 2018:

I have just returned from presenting Alocas at Sonorities in Belfast, alongside a new performance work, NoisyMass – more on this to follow.


March 2018:

I’ve just completed a remix of one of the tracks from Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse and David McGuinness’s new album What News, to be released as a special bonus disc, Fake News,  with the limited edition LP available here.


January 2018:

sys_m1 was featured as part of Click at Ohio University – many thanks to Rob McClure for including it!.


November 2017:

Just returned from speaking at the Technarte Art and Technology conference in LA – a great event with some really wonderful speakers.


September 2017:

I spent some of this month back at BGSU in Ohio, presenting my new work, Alocas, as part of a celebration of 5 years of the Klingler Electroacoustic Residency.

As a follow up to this, Rob McClure interviewed me for the Lexical Tones podcast, which you can hear here.


May 2017:
Solo Exhibition, featuring pletten, plexus and callicassini, hosted by Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival at their new hub in Hawick. Can’t wait to see all three pieces in their intended Expanded Audiovisual Format

August 2016:

First bit of exciting news – pletten has won this year’s Fresh Minds Festival

I’m currently working on the first audiovisualisation resulting from the Scottish Crucible funded project – more on this to follow.

I also completed work on the KEAR miniatures, during my residency at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, in April.

Last month, my book chapter Thinking, Making, Doing: Perspectives on Practice-Based, Research-Led Teaching in Higher Music Education was published as part of Creative Teaching for Creative Learning in Higher Music Education.


March 2016:

I’m just completing work on plexus, a companion piece to pletten, which will have its World Premiere at this year’s Sound Thought festival, organised by the very talented postgrad students from Music at the University of Glasgow.

Next month, I’m heading to BGSU for the KEAR residency: KEAR at BGSU after which there should be a whole load of new work to be seen on here… Whilst I’m there, pletten will be in installation at this year’s Seeing Sound


October 2015:

Recently completed work on axial, for planetarium, and the first ilsonilus work, one in a series of large scale, expanding audiovisual installations exploring simultaneous sonic and visual illusion.

Just back from the Kiblix festival 2015 where I performed ic2 and axial and ilsonilus:1 were featured in the planetarium.

Next April, I’ll be heading to BGSU for the KEAR residency: KEAR at BGSU

I also completed work on this book chapter: Harris, L. (2015) Thinking, Making, Doing: Perspectives on Practice-Based, Research-Led Teaching in Higher Music Education in Burnard, P. and Haddon, E (Eds) Creative Teaching for Creative Learning in Higher Music Education Farnham, Ashgate (forthcoming), which should be published next year.

Myself, Dr Louise Horsfall and Dr Duncan Sproul (Edinburgh University) have received a Scottish Crucible Award for our project ‘Assessing the Potential of Audiovisualisation as a Method of Data Exploration’.  Work begins on this in October 2015.


April 2015:

Lots has been happening, which has apparently left me with no time to update my website…

I’m just back from performing IC2 at Noisefloor 2015

Last week, I spent two days participating in this year’s Scottish Crucible programme.

pletten was featured at the launch of Sonorities 2015 and also during the festival itself.

and in other news, in August I’m off to the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium 2015, to present pletten, perform IC2 and convene a special panel session.

More news coming soon…


April 2014:

intervention:coaction has just been published on a DVD of interactive video works for the computer music journal, curated by Butch Rovan.  More details here.

sys_m1 will be part of the Sweet Thunder Festival of Electroacoustic Music in San Francisco.

The world premiere of indusium will be on 9th April at Segnali 2014 at the Perugia Conservatoire.

I’ll be performing intervention:coaction at Sonorities at the end of the month.

I’ll also be performing i:c at the Linux Audio Conference, alongside sys_m1, with indusium as an installation throughout the conference.


November 2013:

Just finished work on a new piece, indusium, which is now online here: here

Last month I spent some time at Brown in Providence, USA, doing seminars and concerts with John Ferguson, Butch Rovan, Peter Bussigel and others. I’ve also just got back from playing fuzee, sys_m1 and intervention:coaction at Festival Novelum in Toulouse, which was a lot of fun.


September 2013:

I’m now safely installed at the University of Glasgow and enjoying it so far – looking forward to getting cracking with teaching a whole load of the Sonic Arts provision this year.

I’ve spend some time this summer working on my live work, intervention:coaction, which will be featured on a Computer Music Journal DVD of interactive video work, curated by Butch Rovan.  More details to follow…

I’ve also been working on a new collaboration, Feral Technologies, with John Ferguson.  A short video of us performing can be found here

Finally, cs2 has been shortlisted for the Lumen prize and is also a selection for the people’s choice award – if you want to vote for it (please feel free!) then do so here


May 2013:

I’ll be moving to Glasgow in September to start a new job as ‘Lecturer in Sonic and Audiovisual Practices’, which is very exciting.

The second annual IDAF festival was a real success – I’m sure instalment three will be coming to Kingston University Music Department next year; shame I won’t be there to see it.

My most recent work, cs2, has been doing the rounds a bit lately.  The World Premiere was at the Sonica Festival in Glasgow in February and it’s since been at the Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg, the International Motion Festival in Cyprus and most recently the Noisefloor Festival at Staffordshire University.

I’ll also be guest composer at Festival Novelum in Toulouse this coming November.

So, lots going on…


November 2012:

Welcome to the new website!

2012 has been a very busy year! Spent an awful lot of it teaching (!) as well as curating and directing Kingston University’s first IDAF Festival, which seemed to go well. Big plans in progress for next year’s event…

There’s some new work to look at on vimeo – links on the home page. CS2 is a work in progress and probably the last piece in this line of enquiry. New research directions are in the pipeline… Performances/installations this year have included an Electramusic event at Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art and I’ve been invited to be guest composer at Festival Novelum in Toulouse next year. Also out next year is sys_m1 on miso records, which won world prize at the Electroacoustic Competition Musica Viva 2011.

More news to follow soon…

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