Louise Harris is an electronic and audiovisual composer. She is also Lecturer in Sonic and Audiovisual Practices at The University of Glasgow.

Louise specialises in the creation and exploration of audiovisual relationships utilising electronic music and computer-generated visual environments, and her work encompasses fixed media, live performance and large scale installation formats. Louise’s work has been performed and exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the AV Festival, Newcastle (2010), Musica Viva Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2011), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Huddersfield, UK (2011), Naisa SOUNDplay festival, Toronto, Canada (2011, 2015), Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg, France (2012, 2013, 2014), Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway (2012, 2013, 2014), Linux Audio Conference (2013, 2014), Festival Novelum, Toulouse, France (2013), Sonorities Festival, Belfast, UK (2014, 2015), Sweet Thunder Festival, San Francisco, USA (2014) and Kiblix Festival, Maribor, Slovenia (2015).


  • Hadi Bastani May 2, 2014

    Dear Louise,

    I saw your performance at Queen’s on Wednesday (30 Apr 2014), which left me ultimately impressed. I would only like to thank you for that!

    Kindest regards,

  • boris chassagne March 23, 2015

    Mrs. Harris, loved the idea behind your last audio work i saw posted, done with bits of tons of radios. I often try to remember how far back my affection for radio started. I was eleven, coming back alone from the west indies, making a halt at the Miami airport with in my hands, money that the elders gave me for fun. Standing at the duty free, a red transistor radio for 30$ or something. That was what i wanted. Not candy, not a revolver, not a barbie, a radio. My summers were then going to be a lot better!

    Anyways… i was really writing to you hoping to interest your creative spleen into the 60 Second Radio call for submissions. A project/contest around the theme of liberty. Hope you can, will, wish to…

    Greetings from Montréal,

    Boris Chassagne

    • admin April 30, 2015

      Hi Boris – so sorry to be so slow in replying to this, for some reason my lovely website neglected to tell me it was here. I would’ve loved to have been involved, but I think your closing date has passed now? Thanks for thinking of me anyway, though đŸ™‚

  • boris chassagne October 5, 2015

    Yes it had passed. Launching another edition for febuary 2015! Please visit often our website for contest news! 60 Second Radio 2016 international radio contest and project.

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